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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Agency Program

Frequently Asked Questions about our Agency Program

Are you just sending me the prospect's name and phone number?  [top]

    You will receive a complete application, ready for quoting.
How detailed are the applications?  [top]

    Nobody provides more detailed, more accurate, or more relevant applications for the big truck industry. We gather all the information you need to handle the quote without having to contact the prospect for additional information. Our leads include Driver's License numbers, Social Security numbers, VIN numbers, cargo types, filing requirements, incident and violation info, and much more.
Do you offer a free trial?  [top]

    No, but you may cancel at any time. Big truck insurance premiums (unlike auto insurance for example) provide our Partners the opportunity to generate significant commissions for relatively low cost.
What does it cost?  [top]

    We offer the most cost effective leads in the industry. They are much less expensive per premium dollar than auto leads and the payback is significantly greater. The base price you pay is per vehicle, plus the cost of any lead options you request. See more details on our pricing page.
When do I pay?  [top]

    We treat you like a business. We will invoice you monthly with Net 10 Day terms. You pay buy check each month. You only pay for the leads we send you.
How many agents receive the same lead?  [top]

    Zero! At this time, we only offer exclusive leads. So you will be the only Partner to receive your leads.
I received a lead with bogus information (ex. wrong phone number, email address, clearly spam info, etc.) Do I have to pay for this lead?  [top]

    If you receive an invalid lead, notify us within 24 hours and we will credit you for those vehicles.
I want to stop making money from your leads. How do I cancel the Program?  [top]

    You may cancel at any time and you will be responsible for any leads we sent up to that point. Remember, since our leads are exclusive, we will be forwarding future leads to other Partners in the future.
I want to receive leads for 3 states. Can I do this?  [top]

    You may receive leads from prospects in up to 5 states at this time.
How many leads can I expect in a month? Can you guarantee a minimum number?  [top]

    We cannot guarantee a minimum because the number will vary from month to month depending on the amount of leads we receive and the number of people who request quotes. Keep in mind, you are only billed for what we send to you.
I specialize in big fleets, can I only see leads for fleet sizes over 50?  [top]

    We can tailor your fleet size into 0-15,16-50,51-250, and over 250 vehicle packages.

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